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Preschool Programs

Key Element Learning believes that each child is unique and should be provided with an environment that respects his/her uniqueness and allows him/her to grow, learn, and explore. Our enthusiastic education professionals concern about how your child learns, speaks, plays, and reacts and offer significant clues about your child’s early development. Therefore, we use the state-approved and award-winning curriculum The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool by Teaching Strategies.  

 “These research-based and research-proven curriculum resources help every early childhood program create a high-quality learning environment that enables every child to become a creative, confident thinker.” 

Key Element Learning has a greater number of children are acquiring English in classrooms, and another language at home. Our curriculum supports English and duel-language learning, and it helps child build up stronger communication skills and better understanding on diverse culture.     

Achieving the same pursuit as the company Teaching Strategies, Key Element Learning is confident to create educational and recreational programs for children from age 18 moths to 4½ years old. Our goal is to provide high-quality preschool experience, help our children to become competent and enthusiastic learners for the success on later long-term studies. For the safety of children and staff members, our modern facility meets the New Jersey child care center licensing requirement in hygiene and facility access while remaining cozy and stimulative environment. Key Element Learning offers full year schedule to our parents and we have the least closing days around the year which provides great convenience to parents. In order to meet with every family’s unique demand, our calendar contains monthly regular half-day and full-day preschool programs, noncontiguous weekly schedule for summer camp and holiday camps.

Our curriculum addresses all aspects of language: listening, speaking, vocabulary building, writing for older children, but most importantly, a lifelong interest in different cultures. Our highly qualified native speakers have a passion for their language and culture as well as a desire for the children to have fun while learning. Children participate in immersion classes focusing on a different theme each week. 

Language programs and Enrichment activities




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